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Webdesign & Development

All web pages from Edgedesign are made to meet customers measures - not only according to their wishes, but also according to their actual needs. We believe that the basis of successful sites and applications is seamless functionality, quality content and fresh look.


Simply websites

We design pages with an emphasis on
a connection with the company strategy,
the availability and use of modern technology.


Web applications

Handcrafted with love

Thanks to our great developers we are able to design and develop robust web applications according to your wishes and needs.



Make money online

We know few tricks how to learn your site to earn money and make it more interesting for your visitors. Wanna share some?


UX & UI analysis

Let's check your website

Thanks to heuristic analysis or user testing techniques we can suggest an optimalisation for your current website.


Corporate identity & DTP

We believe that business cards and other printed materials should be created in a design harmony with the website and corporate culture. Only then they create a unified and quality presentation. In Edgedesign we follow this rule, because we know that you will never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Corporate identity

Facelift for your brand

The corporate identity is always composed by original logo, a clever slogan, unique business cards, etc. Fortunately, we do it all.



Magics with paper

For your events we create leaflets full of useful information and posters that attract a wide audience. Or billboards, banners, ...


We simply enjoy what we do.
That's why we offer something extra...

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