Our world has few advantages.
For example, everyone in it is original.

And that's what makes our team so unique. Get to know us.

David Kuba

Creative Boss

CEO | If there is a record in a management discipline known as multitasking, then David is definitely the holder of it. In a single day he can be a visionary to all clients, friendly chief of the team and in the end even the secretary to himself.

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Tomáš Kuba

Influencer & Guru

Influencer | Although Tom does not work with us anymore, his opinions, thoughts and world overview is still part of our family and corporate identity. We just dial the correct number and have a great fountain of knowledge of programming, design and management.

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Ondra Machart

Two right hemispheres in one package

UX & UI Designer | Design and logic got under his skin so much that now he can't even pour tea without them. There is an ideal mix of discipline and craziness in his head. Sleepyhead, comedian and furious supporter of the meaningfulness in every project.

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Václav Novotný

Developer 2.0 Special Edition

Software Developer | Don’t be fooled by quiet Zen garden that surrounds this guy. He never takes his foot of the accelerator when it comes to developing and he stopped following the limits of the world of programming a long time ago.

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Nikol Ježková

Programming cat

Software Developer | Proof that even the small physical box can hold big world full of magical codes, mysterious encryption, scientific research and love for horses and all living things. All neatly wrapped in a sympathetic soul hidden under a waterfall and auburn hair.

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Daniel Sitek

Master of all codes

UI Developer | We imported this shiny developer diamond that cuts designs like hotcakes from far away Ostrava mines. His delivery times are shorter than the average sentence in Ostrava, the quality of his work, however, resists forever.



Loyal team mascot.

Professional mascot | Meet the most hairy member of our team.
Gisby is loyal guardian and quality sleep lover who enjoys scratching behind his ear or eating tasty treats. With Gisby we never feel like an underdog.

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